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Privacy Policy

When customers use our website to either buy our products, place new orders or just to learn more about what we do, they provide very vital information. While this information is very important to us, we understand that our customers only give the information because they trust us and that they would not like that information to be passed to any other thirds parties – intentionally or otherwise- or to be used for purposes other than the ones that they approve. It is with this knowledge in mind and along with our commitment to respecting and safeguarding the privacy of our customers that we came up with this robust privacy policy.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform all our customers about the information that we collect and particularly how we view, store and use that information. It also explains how we protect this information and keep it out of the wrong hands. All customers wishing to use any of our services will be expected to first agree to the terms outlined in this privacy policy before they can be able to do so. It is strongly advised that you take some time to go through this privacy policy very carefully right now. CialisMax.com reserves the right to make any adjustments, alterations or changes to this privacy policy at any time and without any advance consultation.

Nature of information collected

– All customers wishing to place orders on CialisMax.com will be asked to provide the following specific details:
– Personal information- you will be asked for personal information such as your gender, date of birth and your nationality.
– Contact information- contact derails including names, phone numbers, email addresses and preferred delivery addresses will be collected from you.
– Financial information- before finalizing any purchase orders on our website you will be asked to provide your financial information including your credit card details or debit card details.

All the information collected by CialisMax.com is used for purely business reasons and nothing else. Contact information is collected in order to get in touch with customers whenever the need to do so arises in future. Personal information is used to identify our customers, verify that they are real and set up accounts for them on our website. Lastly the financial information collected is used to process actual orders at the time of payment along with any and all refunds.

Customer information protection

We attach the highest importance to the safety and the security of all the information provide by our customers. Our main objective is to ensure that this information is not misused, altered, lost or shared with any thirds parties. Protection of customer information begins right from when they key it in and our systems automatically convert the information into encrypted data before it is stored. Under no circumstances will customer information be shared with anyone outside the confines of CialisMax.com.


We do not believe in sending unsolicited emails to our customers and consider such emails as spam. Only customers who have subscribed to our mailing lists will be contacted directly and any customer can opt out of the list at any time by unsubscribing from it.